Tuesday, December 20, 2011

100 things

Warning: it was written in 2011! Irrelevant but nevermind.

001. Name:
 Febiola Aurora Salsabila
002. Nickname(s): Febby, Febbeh, Febbey, Feyi, Ola, Yoya, Rora, apa aja deh mau manggil demit juga boleh. 
003. Status: Single.
004. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
005. Male or female: Female
006. Elementary School: Budi Mulia Dua Elementary School
007. Middle School: SMP N 1 Depok
008. High School: not yet
009. Smart: not really
010. Hair color: shining black/?
011. Tall or short: tall
012. Loud or Quiet: quite louder
013. Sweats or Jeans: jeans ofc
014. Phone or Camera: phone
015. Health freak: 100% freak
016. Drink or Smoke: no
017. Do you have a crush on someone: might be yes
018. Eat or Drink: drink
019. Piercings: i used to have two on my ear but it always get stucked in the towel soooo no.
020. Tattoos: ofc no
021. Foods you dislike: petai, duren, jengkol
022. Right or left-handed: right-handed


023. First Piercings: ear
024. First best friend: eno and naura <3>
025. First award: BMD Award hahaha
026. First crush: ...lol
027. First pet: kelinci and hamster and rabbit and chickens and rats and butterflies and cockroaches
028. First big vacation: Malang with my big fam
029. First concert: no
030. First big birthday: 3rd birthday
031. First big fight: no
032. First sport: does walking also count
033. First enemy: lol that girl
034. First phobia: no
035. First celebrity idol: Agnes Monica hahaha cant even
036. First clique: ..??
037. First bad impression: when I saw 6y/o girl with high heels, sparkle handbag, and lipstick like seriously?!


038. Eating: potato chips
039. Drinking: nothing
040. Listening to: born this way - Lady Gaga
041. About to: blogging and tweeting
042. Waiting for: nothing
043. Wearing: red pajamas
044. Worried about: next day
045. Loving: Allah, family, friends
046. Missing: you
047. Planning for today: sleep

First thing that comes to my mind:

048. College: Harvard or Oxford
049. Silk: kain sutra
050. Cupid: couple
051. Pickle: yuck
052. Penny: $o$
053. Stop: kau mencuri hatiku
054. 777: sesuatu
055. Guam: hoam
056. Banana: apes
057. Debt: money


058. Want kids: yes
059. Want to get married: of course, who doesn't?
060. Careers in mind: Architect!

Which is better with the desired sex :

061. Lips or eyes: eyes*-*
062. Hugs or kisses: hugs
063. Shorter or taller: Taller
064. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic but spontaneous is way more attractive
065. Nice stomach or nice arms: nice stomach
066. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
067. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
068. Older or younger: age is not matter
069. Richer or poorer: work together :)
070. Smart or witty: Smart
071. Trouble maker or hesitant: Troublemaker !
072. High maintenance or plain: High Maintenance ofc
073. Glasses or contacts: Glasses
074. Rigid or moody: not both
075. Lots of friends or no friends: lots of Friends

Have you ever :

076. Kissed a stranger: no
077. Lost glasses/contacts: don't even wear one
078. Forgotten a password: always probably
079. Blacked out: yes, during the first ceremony at JHS
080. Broken someone’s heart: i don't think so 
081. Been arrested: no
082. Seen a monster: Lady Gaga?
083. Ran away from home: ..almost
084. Felt like dying: sometimes
085. Killed an animal: yes.
086. Cheated: no
087. Cried when someone died: yes:(

Do you believe in:

088. God: Of Course!
089. Yourself: yes
090. Miracles: yes
091. Love at first sight: hehe.
092. Heaven: absolutely
093. Santa Claus: he never send me gift so no.
094. Fairies: probably
095. Kiss on the first date: lol no
096. Angels: yes

Answer Truthfully :

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: lol you
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: yes well not really but whatever
099. Is Superman really better than Batman: i prefer batman than superman bcs i hate that red pants superman wears in front like seriously is he drunk
100. Re-post?: why not

Monday, November 07, 2011

Been Tagged!

Holla guys, I miss yaaa :D So, I checked my blog and for a moment let's forget about school. Trying to enjoy my weekend. I just read new comments and found out that I have been tagged by Sintya Swasthi. Have been tag for what? :/ Then, I checked in her blog. Well, it's kind a game. It has rules that we should copy to this entry, and write "11 Things About Me", then we should tag 11 more people to do this. So, this is the rules:

  1.  You must POST this rules.
  2.  Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  3.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
  4.  You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
  5.  Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
  6.  No TAG BACKS.
  7.  No stuff in the tagging section about 'YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU'RE READING THIS'. You legitimately as known as REALLY, TRUST, WITH ALL HONESTY have to tag 11 people.
11 Things About Me
  1. My name is Febiola Aurora Salsabila. But you can call me Febby.
  2. I was born on December 2nd 1998 at Jogjakarta.
  3. I'm in grade 7 (now, 2011) at 1 Depok JHS.
  4. I'm part of Budi Mulia Dua Elementary School'11 and Budi Mulia Dua Kindergarten '05.
  5. I love reading classic story.
  6. My favorite Ice Cream flavors are : Mint and Vanilla Caramel. And I love yoghurts like so much! Because it tastes sour ;)
  7. Fashion, art, and photography  lovers.
  8. I'm a huge fans of Taylor Swift!
  9. I love my guitar
  10. Lucky number : ♥13
  11. Trying to be a good listener, good person, and good writer for everyone around me.
This is the third task! I have to answer Sintya's question. Here we go!
who is your best among the blogends (blog+friends)?
-the best blogger friends is kak Elsa Yellowlife. Since I found her blog, i started manage this blog after i let this dusty (around 1,5 years).
who is your bff on real world?
-I have six bff in my real world. They're from Budi Mulia Dua (Enno, Naura, Alfan, Fabian, Ardhi, and Aji) Unfortunately, we are going to different school now:'( However, we are still bff!
your favourite songs (5)?
-i always have favorite songs depends time and conditions. But this is the most played on my playlist : I'd Lie-Taylor Swift, Someone Like You-Adele, Skyscraper-Demi Lovato, Price Tag-Jessie J, and Get Crazy-LMFAO. Yay \m/
what's your opinion about my blog (sintya's)?
-you have a great blog Sintya!! I love your backgrounds.
do you like JB?
-haha, i'm not Beliebers and I don't get bieber fever. But, I do I love his songs, especially the Mistletoe song.
do you love Narnia?
-aww! Yes I do I love Narnia!! Especially my prince, Skandar\m/ hehehe...
what's your favorite food?
-i love rendang! hehe, rendang tastes good. By the way, i love sushi too. I often eat these food when i sick. Cause it makes me feel better.
you want to go to Paris?
-absolutely yes! \m/ the most beautiful country i've ever know! fashion, art, and eiffel! lol I am self teaching my self French.
give me 5 main characters in Narnia!
-Narnia the lion, my prince Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie, my cute younger sister *i hope so;3* Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie, my handsome brother William Moseley as Peter Pevensie, and my older and beautiful sister Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie!
give me your facebook and twitter name (if you have)!
-facebook : Febby Aurora and twitter : @febiolaurora, follow yaaaahh!! \m/
give me the truth. do you like somebody?
-yeaaaaa, I wish you wasn't read my mind *senggol Sintya;)*
YES! I have a crush with someone. hahaaaa.. *blushing

Well, I have give you the truth! And now, it's your turn.  This is my question for you who has been tag (list below)! Huft, it's difficult to chose 11 blogger and should tag them, then making 11 question you have to answer..
  1.  Describe yourself in five words!
  2. What do you think about fake friends?
  3. If you are a rich person, what will you do? And what will you buy?
  4. Who is your favorite teacher?
  5. What is your room colors?
  6. Who is your favorite singer?
  7. Who is your favorite movie character?
  8. Do you have a pet? Tell me the name and the animal.
  9. What is your favorite drink?
  10. What country do you want to visit?
  11. What is your favorite quotation?

Uh, well! I'm done Sintya! Such a great game. Huft, I'm tired of tagging and tell you my truthTwT But I'm very happy and got something new to share with you...and follow me on Twitter HERE.Don't forget to leave your comments. If you have been tagged, please do it at your blog. You can use any languages to answer.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Golden Letter from God

Do you remember when you complain about food you have to eat?
Do you remember when you angry because no one loves you?
Do you remember when someone you like likes your best friend?
Do you remember when you don't get what you want?
What do you think, huh?

ANGRY ! Yes, you're angry.
SELFISH ! No one more selfish than you!
Hell yeah.. It's human weakness. I feel it too, sometimes I just wanna die, I'm feeling alone. Sometimes when I lost my stuff I make fail people around me. If I don't get stuff I want I will scream out loud and angry all the day. Okay I give up, I do I angry, I do I know I'm selfish.

But, don't you know? This is the way God love us, God care of us.
If we are sick, God tell us to take care of our self. And awake us if HEALTHY very important.
If we ran out of money, then we get more money than before. It make us to thank God more than before, because God give us more than before.
If someone hate you, you feeling so sad and angry. But then, God send you people more loves you. :')

I am learning to appreciate what I have.
I'm trying to learn how to love..
I need to start loving my self, because I'm the only person that will always love me back.

For me life is just look like a videogame. Sometimes we feel angry, but sometimes we feel very happy. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we bored of our life, but sometimes we wish for a longlive. Whatever happen, it must be a message from God. I called it golden letter from God.  Actually, God sent us a letter everyday, but not least we are let them dusty. Im feeling so cruel, why did I make it same like a trash?

Do you ever think that life is awesome? Life is more awesome than a videogame, 90% more awesome, oh well, 100% more awesome!
God hates people who give up.
Don't look back, don't do the same mistakes.
Be yourself, everyone is taken.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pelajaran Hidup~

“Well is one thing to fall in love
But another to make it last
I  thought we were just beggining
And now you say we’re in the past
Look me and the eye you told me
We are really true
You know is one thing to say you love me
But another to mean it from the heart
And if you done in ten to say it true
Why did we ever start
I wanna hear you tell me you dont wont my love
Put your hand on your heart and tell me its so lover
I wont believe it to you
Put your hand on your heart and tell me that we’d true”
Hand on Your Heart-Dira Sugandi

Alunan piano yang lembut menghantarkan aku untuk terus mendengarkan lagu itu. Bukan sebab karena lagu itu populer. Tetapi lebih karena lagu itu memiliki arti bagi hidupku. Arti hidup yang sangat dalam bagiku. Bagaimana aku belajar tentang sesuatu yang diberikan Tuhan untukku. Selama ini aku hanya menyianyiakan apa yang diberikanNya untukku. Ini bukan tentang percintaan, ini tentang bagaimana aku melihat orang lain yang kurang beruntung, Aku tahu memang tidak ada hubungannya dengan tema di lagu itu. Tetapi bagaimana sang penyanyi ini menghayati lagunya dan bagaimana sang pianis menekan tuts dengan sangat lembut dan mengalir, membuat lagu ini bermakna berbeda untukku.

Ini berawal ketika aku dan keluargaku makan siang di restoran steak di semarang. Aku memesan EXTRA BIG STEAK yang sangat menggiurkan. Ya, bukan itu topik utamanya. Well, ditengah-tengah kami didatangi seorang anak laki-laki seumuranku. Ia menawarkan kue kering buatan ibunya, harganya mahal dan (maaf) bentuknya tidak seperti yang diharapkan. Aku tahu apa yang ada dipikiran orang dan tatapan apa yang akan mereka lontarkan ketika mereka melihat kue itu dengan harga yang tidak setimpal. Mungkin saja mereka akan tertawa dan berkata “Hah?! Kue kaya’ gitu kok dijual?” dan mengolok-olok mereka (korbansinetron-_-). Tetapi, ada yang membuat diriku untuk membeli kue-kue jualannya.

Aku merasa iba. Karena dia tidak seberuntung aku, ia berbicara dengan gagu dan ia memiliki masalah dalam mentalnya. Dengan usaha yang keras dia terus menawari kami kue-kuenya. “Kuenya bu.” Ucapnya dengan lirih, ia mengulanginya berkali-kali. Matanya tidak menatap kami, tetapi tatapan polos pada makanan dihadapanku. Matanya yang lelah seperti mengisyaratkan kelaparan, kemiskinan, dan kesengsaraan yang dihadapi. Dalam hatiku aku menangis. Aku tidak bisa mengeluarkan air mataku begitu saja di depan umum. Aku hanya menahannya. Kalau tidak, orang-orang di sekitarku bisa menertawaiku. Dan aku bisa sangat malu. Aku benar-benar ingin sekali membantunya, akan tetapi aku tidak membawa sepeser pun di dompetku.

Aku benar-benar ingin membeli semua kuenya walaupun harganya tidak setimpal.  Tetapi apa daya? Kali ini aku belum bisa membantunya. Dari lubuk hatiku yang paling dalam aku ingin sekali mengatakan “Aku beli semua kue mu. Kau dan kakakmu boleh memesan apa saja.”. Mungkin ini hal yang agak aneh untukku. Tapi rasanya aku ingin sekali membantu mereka. Bagaimanapun caranya, aku ingin sekali. Tapi yang keluar dari mulutku adalah senyuman dan ucapan “Tidak, terimakasih”. Aku sangat menyesal telah mengatakan itu. Ia meninggalkan kami. Menghampiri kakaknya yang sedang mengemis. Mereka berdua masih sangat muda. Mungkin kakaknya berumur sekitar 14-16 tahun. Dari raut wajah mereka, terlihat sekali kalau mereka lapar dan haus. Tetapi... apa yang bisa dibeli dengan uang yang mereka bawa dan kue yang belum laku? Bagaimana ibunya menanggapi hal ini? Apa yang mereka dapatkan? Apakah mereka mendapatkan caci maki dan amarah? Bagaimana perasaan mereka jika ada orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab merampas semua uang mereka? Bagaimana jika...? Banyak sekali pertanyaan yang ingin aku lontarkan.

Mereka akhirnya membeli sekantung plastik air es. Sebenarnya aku tidak tahu mereka ini membeli atau diberi. Jujur saja, aku tidak berani menatap mereka karena aku merasa sangat bersalah. Aku hanya melihat sekejap. Tidak berani terlalu lama karena aku telah mengecewakan mereka. Aku sangat terkejut, ketika mendengar pemilik toko bersama suaminya mengusir mereka dengan suara yang tidak enak. Aku.. merasa... sangat...sangat...sangat bersalah. Aku bodoh! Aku dungu! Sang pemilik toko hanya berteriak, membentak mereka hingga ketakutan. Aku tidak tahu apa yang aku lakukan jika itu terjadi padaku. Apakah aku akan setegar mereka? Rasanya aku ingin melempar sesuatu ke pemilik toko itu dan membela mereka. Walaupun aku tahu, aku bisa diusir dan ditindak pidana kalau ia tidak terima denga perlakuanku. Tetapi, lagi-lagi yang aku lakukan hanya diam. Apa hanya itu yang bisa kulakukan?!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogwalking - My Milk Toof

Ah, long time no see guys. Kemarin senin adalah pengumuman nem SD. Yep, rasanya dag-dig-dug-cenat-cenut! Well, hasilnya nggak memuaskan dan kurang maksimal (sangat kurang), but at least, aku alhamdullilah banget masih bisa dapet segitu. :') Paling enggak aku lulus ^^

Ok, back to the topic! Waktu aku blogwalking aku nemuin blog yang isinya unyu-unyu, My Milky Toof by Inhan Lee (about her). From the name, we can conclude what inside the blog! Okay, it's not about bread with jam at the top, or about milk we drink every morning. Yeah, initially I didn't know why she named it like that. And then I know, because she said...

 "When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when i woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?
Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. Its name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!"

And yes! It because she missing her baby teeth, I guess. Yeah, this blog has a story. Not just a blog whose contents do not necessarily (just like mine). All the posts have a pic. A pics! A milk toof pics! Yes, a Milk Toof named Ickle and Lardee! She is creative!

She's an author, Inhaan Renee Lee.  The pic that the leaf tucked between her mouth  and nose. I would love to have her book.

Ickle : Smart and curious toof who love to read books. Other interest including cutting coupons, nibbling on furniture, and David Bowie.

Lardee : Is the loveable, slight pudgy toof who can be found following ickle around the house. If in need of a toy, Lardee has a magical red bag 

 with and endless suply.   

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter for Dearest Dija

Specially surat ini untuk Khadijah Putri Nur Aini.

Assalamu'alaikum, Dija...
Seneng banget hari ini Dija udah berumur 17 tahun. Happy Sweet Seventeen Dija!! Surat spesial ini aku tulis 16 tahun yang lalu loh, hebat ya aku? Hehe, iya dong aku bener-bener berusaha menyiapkan ini sebaik-baiknya. Tentu aja khusus buat Dija. Biar ulang tahun ke 17 ini jadi spesial banget.

Dija, kita cuma berbeda 11 tahun lho! Hmm, yah bisa dibilang seperti kakak adik. Tujuh belas tahun yang lalu kamu imut dan unyuuu banget. Pipi kamu yang gembil itu lho. Pengen aku cubitin terus deh. Tapi sekarang temanku yang dulu imut-imut udah jadi gadis yang dewasa. Kalo aku sih awet muda. Hehehe, enggak lah Dija deh yang paling awet muda. Dija kan paling cantik, imut, gemesin lagi.

Waduh, aku bingung nih mau nulis surat kaya gimana. Habis aku merasa seperti nulis ke temen sebaya. Surat ini kayaknya bosenin ya? Kalo bahasa gaulnya sih "gaje". Nggak ada topik yang jelas di suratku ini. Tapi semoga kamu ngerti maksud suratku ini ya?! Saking semangatnya aku bingung mau nulis apa. Bisa dibilang speechless.